The main aim of the Aphrodite project is to collect the information on abiotic conditions in the White Sea. The project is divided into two parts:

  1. Adjunction of data on the current state of the White Sea;
  2. Reconstruction of temperature conditions of the White Sea water masses.

The collection of data on the state of the world ocean waters has always been very important for the world scientific community, especially recently, when the issue of the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems is increasingly acute.

Research centers all over the world install autonomous stations for registration of aquatic factors, such as temperature, salinity, oxygen and chlorophyll A content, etc. Unfortunately, in the White Sea there are not so many of these stations.

In early summer of 2016 temperature sensors were set up at different depths in the vicinity of ERS “Belomorskaya” by employees and students of departments of ichthyology and hydrobiology and invertebrate zoology of SPBU, as well as PhD students of ZIN RAS. It was the first stage of the work on the autonomous station for registration of environmental factors.

HOBO Pendant Temperature Data Logger 64K:

  • Depth: 12; 17; 28; 38; 58 m;
  • Temperature metering every 15 minutes.

Currently, the temperature data at different depth is collected. In the future we are going to install sensors of salinity and other abiotic parameters.

Temperature graph